Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    : Experimental study the effect of angle and length of leader flow plats on settling basin efficiency trap    M.Sc.    salari, hoda    0000-00-00
2    Investigation of bed load transport varying in rapid flood flow            0000-00-00
3    Experimental Study on the effect of waste water in flocculation suspended cohesive sediments in water conveyance channels    M.Sc.    khastar borujeni, milad    0000-00-00
4    study of the effective physical parameters on subsurface water diversion using a experimental model    M.Sc.    Mansouri, Ramin    0000-00-00
5    Study of the effective hydraulic parameters on subsurface water diversion using an experimental model    M.Sc.    rostami, reza    0000-00-00
6    seepage relation with wetted perimeter in trapezoidal channels    M.Sc.    shiri secorcan, behzad    0000-00-00
7    Experimental Studies on Increasing trapped Efficiency of Vortex Settling Basing by Using of submerge Vane    M.Sc.    assefi, moein    0000-00-00
8    The relationship between input and output hydrograph in alluvial bed by physical model            0000-00-00
9    Assessment of climate change on kashafrood River Baisin's discharge over past and future periods under CMIP5 model            0000-00-00
10    Project Title Considering the effect of increasing of the labyrinth`s number and deformation on the side weir discharge coefficient (Cd) and determining discharge coefficient.    M.Sc.    Zahedi khameneh, Hamed    2010-11-06
11    consideration of scouring the bridge    M.Sc.    ghanavati, mohsen    2010-11-22
12    decrease of permeability caused by sedimentation in water spreading projects(Flood case study projects Jajarm city)    M.Sc.    Rajaie, Sayed Hossein    2011-01-30
13    Numerical modeling of flow pattern on a labyrinth weir and determining its discharge coefficient    M.Sc.    baihaghi kondori, ali    2011-09-03
14    experimental study bedload movement in arid and semi arid zone rivers    M.Sc.    Alebouyeh, Ashkan    2011-12-04
15    Groundwater recharge estimation using various methods and making comparison results with each other, case study:Neyshabur Plain    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Tayebeh    2011-12-31
16    Evaluation of water table fluctuations and drainage discharge of bi-level drainage system in a layered soil    M.Sc.    maddah zade yazdi, seyyed mohammad ali    2012-02-11
17    Simulation of emitter clogging by using FLUENT software    M.Sc.    mehrvar, zahra    2012-03-03
18    Field Evaluation of Surface Irrigation Models Performance with Saline Water (Case Study: Furrow Irrigation)    M.Sc.    Fathi torshizi, Maryam    2013-01-20
19    Experimental study of the effect of bank attached trapezoid shape vane on bed topography in a 90º mild bend    M.Sc.    Keramat zade, Mohsen    2013-03-02
20    : Comparing mathematical models on labyrinth weirs with different geometries    M.Sc.    arjmandi kia, farzad    2013-03-02
21    Experimental study of scour control at bridge piers using downstream bed sills under live bed conditions    M.Sc.    Arab, Hosseinali    2013-03-09
22    Evaluation of root properties effect on water uptake rate in micro and macro models (Case Study: Tomato)    Ph.D    dehghan, hadi    2013-07-09
23    Experimental study of local scour at complex pier groups with sill in unsteady flow    M.Sc.    mehrara, behzad    2013-09-28
24    Review and assessment of sediment in rivers by using Hec- Ras model Case Study on chalous river)    M.Sc.    Faraji Tabar, Meisam    2013-11-02
25    The study of climate and land use change scenarios combination effects on surface flows    Ph.D    Houshmand Kouchi, delaram    2014-01-27
26    Estimation of suspended sediment load in rivers using Sediment Rating Curve method adjused by hydroclimetological multi –varient models    Ph.D    Akbarzadeh, Mohammad Reza    2014-01-29
27    experimental simulation of Estimate the transmission losses in ephemeral stream    M.Sc.    jafari, parvin    2014-02-22
28    Flood Risk Mapping Of Shandiz River Using HEC-RAS Hydraulic Model & Geographic Information System and comparison with CES Software.    M.Sc.    abbaspour, ensieh    2014-03-15
29    Experimental modeling of subsurface flow collection system river bed    M.Sc.    ghavami, elaheh    2014-05-31
30    study on the possibility of using soil-cement-microsilica mixtures in stabilization of water erosion    Ph.D    taghdisi, babak    2014-06-22
31    Experimental Study on Self-Burial pipeline with spoiler on the erodible bed.    Ph.D    mehrabadi, jafar    2014-09-06
32    determination of sediment flux to torogh dam reservoir & usable life estimation using sednet software    M.Sc.    rahnama, mahdis    2014-10-11
33    Analysis of Headloss in Gabion steeped spillways with and without sedimentation at upstream    Ph.D    Rajaei, Seyed Hossein    2014-10-25
34    Flood zoning and risk taking analysis in rivers -Case Study: Mashhad plain in watershed of river Kashafrud    Ph.D    azamirad, mahmoud    2014-12-15
35    A model for River deformation using bed shear stress    Ph.D    Boostani, Armin    2015-01-10
36    Modeling the river affected by the uncertainty and climate change in semi-arid areas for tank design (Case Study dam Balakhanlv)    Ph.D    barouti, hannaneh    2015-01-11
37    Assessment and comparison the effect of day and night irrigation on water use efficiency and yield of eggplant    Ph.D    roozbeh nasiraei, jafar    2015-02-02
38    Study of roughness and water jet effects on hydraulic jump characteristics    Ph.D    dastourani, mehdi    2015-02-28
39    Hydraulic Parameter Determination of Porous Bottom Intakes under Sediment Yield Using Physical Modeling    Ph.D    Shariati, Hossein    2015-03-10
40    Experimental Investigation of Density Current Flood Sedimentation by Permeable Obstacles    Ph.D    jahangir, alireza    2015-06-06
41    Assessment of flow estimation methods with a return period of 25 years for determining the bed and territory of river in semi-arid zones (Part of Kashafrud)    M.Sc.    Babakhani, Samira    2015-09-06
42    Studying the Effect of Stilling Basins Bed Permeability on Hydraulic Characteristics    Ph.D    Akbari, Nima    2015-09-22
43    study and comparison the new methods of seepage control in dam foundation (case study: Damghan earth dam)    M.Sc.    jebelly, zahra    2015-09-26
44    Determination of the disturbtion of water surface suspended construction in a dam reservoir and zoning it using Remote sensing image    Ph.D    Hadian, Mohammad    2015-11-21
45    Effect of wetting-drying cycle on soil physical properties (case study : Shahid Yaghoubi Dam)    M.Sc.    Panahi, Ghasem    2015-11-28
46    The effect of the hydraulic characteristics of flow on the bed scour around horizontally pipes, with a Piggyback line    M.Sc.    MORADI, SOBHAN    2015-11-28
47    Evaluation resolution digital elevation models by simulating rainfall-runoff (Case Study: Kardeh dam basin)    M.Sc.    sahraee, elahe    2016-02-13
48    Effect of slope in a new system of bottom intake in clear water and sediment flow situations    M.Sc.    madani, fatemeh sadat    2016-02-13
49    The effect of climate change on erosion of the basin using WEPP and SWAT models (case study: Dehbar basin)    Ph.D    heidary, hamed    2016-03-08
50    Performance Evaluation of Detention and Infiltration Systems for Urban Stormwater Control (Case Study: A Part of Tehran Urban Catchment)    Ph.D    Badizadegan, Reza    2016-05-14
51    Effect of Drought on Surface Water and Groundwater Resources of Jiroft plain    M.Sc.    nezhadmoghbeli, nasibeh    2016-06-06
52    Using the concept of isovel contours for estimating stage-discharge curves in open channels    Ph.D    Arash, Ahmadi    2016-06-30
53    River flood plain modeling software to determine areas of vulnerability and provide solutions Case Study: Ferizi Rivers    M.Sc.    ghahremani, fateme    2016-09-26
54    The effects of some preservatives water (SAP) in the quantity and quality of irrigation water    M.Sc.    jannesar, fateme    2016-10-08
55    The Effect of Mixing the Urban Refined Wastewater and Sediment Flow on Erosion Threshold Shear Stress in the Water Transmission Networks    Ph.D    taheri, zahra    2016-10-18
56    Investigating the dynamics of the incipient entrainment and transport of coarse bed material in turbulent rivers    Ph.D    Farhadi, Hamed    2016-11-22
57    Assessment of the ability of gridded cltaset for plotting IDF curves in the design of aquatic structures    M.Sc.    pezeshki, atena    2017-02-18
58    Determination of stage-discharge curve in compound channels using entropy approach.    M.Sc.    ghahremani, zahra    2017-02-18
59    Title: The New Sharp Cosine Weir with Self-Score Sediment capacity on Upstream Flow    Ph.D    salehi, saeed    2017-02-18
60    Assessment of rural water supply network events to prevent future damage and provide solutions using data mining techniques(case study city khaf)    M.Sc.    vazei, forough    2017-06-10
61    Evaluation of Nano material effects on shear strength of earth dam coating in over flow condition    Ph.D    kahkesh, Ismaeil    2017-06-20
62    Monitoring and estimating runoff and sediment using SWAT model and its prediction using GCM models in northeast areas of the country    M.Sc.    kamel fard, mahsa    2017-12-23